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Hu Yunlin (Ark) is an
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PostPosted: Thu May 16, 08:14:51    Post subject:  Hu Yunlin (Ark) is an
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Hu Yunlin (Ark) is an old classmate of the same class in Northwestern University. She entered the school in the summer of 1957 and graduated in the autumn of 1961. She was a true classmate for four years. After graduation, he stayed in Shaanxi as a reporter and I went back to teach in Zhejiang. At the 2004 Alumni Association, we shared a room at the Xida Guest House. There was always something to say. In the past sixty years, we have worked in two places, but our hearts are still connected. In recent years, the development of information technology has enabled us to meet up on the Internet every day. When I went to college, he always wore Chinese-style cloth clothes and pedal shoes brought by his hometown in Henan. He is diligent in reading and has a wide range of hobbies. He especially likes Lu Xun's works. He often goes to the old bookstore Tao Lu Xun's works, and then almost completes a set of "Lu Xun Complete Works". I also love classical literature and write poetry myself. The academic performance is very good and it is the study committee of the class. He is friendly with his classmates, usually does not fall in love, never dances to the auditorium. But with a high ambition, I often exchange my ambitions with me and hope to achieve success in literary creation in the future. He is a typical simple and up-to-date farmer, and a very sunny college student who pursued progress in that era. After he published the collection of the scent of the hometown of the thorns in 2013, he began to write a new collection of essays. He told me at the time, wait for the manuscript to be written, and ask me to write a preface. I am naturally obliged to give the tasks assigned by the old classmates. Recently, I received a collection of essays from the collection of "A Touch of Rainbow", which was carefully read and read. As I read, I wrote down my thoughts after reading. Although we experience some differences, the feelings about life are much the same. If I can't say it, he wrote out 72 pieces of Yunlin's new book, which is divided into eight series: "The Statue of the Statue", "The Falling Cherry Blossoms", "The Length of a Rattan", "Tian Hao, Disappeared Paradise, "Holly Autumn Festival", "The Eyes of Pingyao", "Happy Password", "Heart Light". Most of the content of the article is the author's memories of the past, but many of them reflect the current social reality. The author tastes life and preserves it. As the fortunate first reader, I followed the author's text and looked back at the "that touch of rainbow" that he had stepped on. I relive his childhood and travel to his hometown of Yudong, as if to see his parents and his relatives sisters; I followed the author to work after graduating from college, until after retirement, see many of his colleagues and friends, he is in contact Many ordinary folks have seen the mountainous countryside and urban changes in Baoji and its surrounding counties and cities <a href="">Cigarettes For Sale</a>. His works are filled with deep affection, friendship, and love for his parents, relatives, friends, and folks. He deeply loves and praises Yudong��s hometown and Baoji, the main working place, and chews and examines everything in life. Discover beautiful things, save them, and share them with your readers. I am most impressed by Yunlin's new book, the following four, the combination of aesthetic and lyricism. Look at the world's beautiful things thousands, there are natural and social; there are material, spiritual, and emotional. There are many works in Hu Yunlin's essays that write beautiful scenery, such as writing in the rural areas of Yudong, and writing new landscapes of Baoji and surrounding cities. But the best thing in the eyes of the author, the heart is nothing more than a beautiful human feelings. Under the author's pen, aesthetics and lyricism are integrated. What I am most moved is the first three series of the book. He wrote the family, friendship, love chapter, and the beauty of the person, with the emotion as the title of the book <a href="">Cheap Cigarettes</a>, which is in the first series, that "a touch of rainbow" is the outline of the book. Work. The title is full of poetry and painting, and the full text is a combination of aesthetics and lyricism. The author's notebook holds a small poem that was copied more than 60 years ago. "Clouds, rainbows, water droplets, daylight, and time are a gorgeous picture. Although I did not understand the profound meaning of the poems at the time, I still regarded it as a treasure, and I have long been cherished in it. Now I can read it again and I can��t help but wrestle. Feelings are full of emotions." From this poem, he thought of the way he had traveled. The person who cares for him and helps him along the way is "a parent, a teacher, a colleague, a relative and a friend." The author personally felt that he came over in the poem "a touch of rainbow", then they It is the crystal clear water droplets on this road that illuminate the colorful light of the sun and illuminate the direction of his progress. The author cites the moving stories of parents, teachers, classmates, and wives who help themselves at all stages of life <a href="">Wholesale Cigarettes</a>, expressing sincere gratitude. I read it a few times, and every time I moved to the old classmates, I also appreciated the first "The Statue", "The Statue in Memory", standing for a long time on the ancient wall that has disappeared for many years, after six After ten years of hard wear, I still clearly remain in my heart: tall body, standing there alone <a href="">Carton Of Cigarettes</a>, witnessing the figure that I am drifting away from school. I always look back and her figure is big. It was small until it became a little black spot. She is my mother. This is the statue that the author used to shape the mother. The mother went to school from the author��s hour, and she stood on the wall of the village and watched him go to school. Later the author got married. When she has a baby, she helps her young granddaughter to work for her children in her life. The statue is a symbol of loving beauty and always touches the world. As the author said in another "The Snake Bird War": "Fearing the mother, loving the mother, is eternal. The theme is the basic principle of Lid. Similar works include "The Father's Last Wish." The author's father used to ask the author to graduate from high school, but the author has abandoned the doctor and has a sense of guilt. Later, the grandson abandoned the literary doctor and realized his father's wish before his death. The author passed on the love of his parents and cared for his children. "The choice before the cliff" article, wrote that the author's two daughters have been laid off, he and his wife support two daughters admitted to the provincial radio and television college journalism major, three years later graduated from the exam, have become reporters. Their love for their daughters became the driving force for their daughters' learning. The love of the previous generation of parents was passed on to the authors, and the works of the happy fruit authors wrote friendships. The most successful one was "The Length of a Rattan." A farmer named Qin surnamed the author to tell a story about the friendship between the two peasants. A rattan that grows on a mountain is 60 feet long, and it takes 60 years to grow to be so long. The guy used this metaphor for friendship. The author laments: "Sincere friendship should be written by the author of the eternal life in the works of "The Rhythm of Love" and "Deep in the Aloe" and writes about the country's love story. While admiring the simple love of the countryside, he also discusses the new development of love. "Emotional Atmosphere in Art Works" points out: "What should art touch and infect people? It is the kind of rich emotional atmosphere created by the feelings and by the works. "This is indeed the second experience in the combination of aesthetics and lyricism in his prose. History and autobiography. Reading the author's prose can reveal the long history of China in the lines of the word <a href="">Newport 100S</a>, and can also vaguely see the autobiographical figure. The author's pen, inadvertently Brought a lot of ancient historical names and historical figures. The Zhouyuan ruins in the "Seven Stars River Chronicle", "Thinking of Lu Gong" in the Eastern Han Dynasty Zhongli County, Lu Gong, "Into the Credit" in the Eastern Han Dynasty In the "Garden Love", the emperor gave the willow tree to Yang, the story of the hometown of Yang Guifei in the Tang Dynasty, and so on, which made the work a mottled historical color. I like to read biographies, Yunlin. This essay collection is like his candid autobiography. The author's personal history, scattered many works. From this we can see that the author's birthplace is in Zhongyu County, Yudong, the father is not only a farmer, but also a woodworker. He can help people build houses. He has four brothers and sisters. After liberation, he became a talente
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