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This is an everlast
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PostPosted: Thu May 16, 08:14:36    Post subject:  This is an everlast
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d person. His younger brother is also a journalist. The younger sister worked as a worker very early and earned money to help him study. He gave him a copy of Anti-Dulin. From the author's reading of elementary school, middle school, and university, the age can be roughly judged. The author's specific personal marriage, work unit changes <a href="">Parliament Cigarettes</a>, work experience, colleague relationship, life after retirement, personal hobbies, etc., also have a natural description. The author did not intend to write an autobiography, but revealed his true personality in his experience. The author developed a hard-working and self-reliant personality in the hard-working farmer's parents. After attending the work, there is no furniture at home, he is learning to be a carpenter. In the article, I remembered that my father had studied carpenters and died at the age of 54, but left two pieces of woodworking tools. He bought wood and added new tools, but he made the cabinet and the suitcase. The author always works. The people who are sympathetic and helpless, do their best to help the folks, and from time to time reveal the righteousness of being a public family. In the "Scattered and Lost" wrote the tragic fate of a rural woman named Ma Yuying, the author was unable to help her. Self-blame. In "The Rhythm of Love", the author once wrote a matchmaker and helped a pair of rural youths. In the article "Thinking of Lu Gong", he said " For example, in the case of Ping Geng Feng, against the forced command of some people in the urbanization work, the author understands the meaning of living after he retires. He published "The Raspberry Flower of Hometown", which marks the news from journalism to literary creation. The successful transformation. He said in the article "The 77-year-old realm": "A person who is free from the name of the lock is truly free. "From then on, the heart of the heart is away from me, there is no private enemy." "High life and happiness are inseparable." A happy person can live longer <a href="">Marlboro Gold</a>, and a person who is worried and sullen, and who suffers day and night, will find it difficult to live longer. In the long history, the author reveals his own experience and inner world. Such works make readers feel particularly trustworthy and philanthropic and story. The philosophy we are talking about is not the philosophy of academic concepts <a href="">Wholesale Cigarettes</a>, but the feelings and feelings of the world and life, but these feelings and feelings are generally also instructive. The story usually refers to certain events with vivid plots, which are often associated with characters. The works in Yunlin��s collection of essays often combine philosophical and character stories. For example, "There is a smile in the face of tears," the author said: "The deepest pain in the world is often not a cry of heartbreaking, but a strong smile filled with tears. This is my view of Kunqu during the Spring Festival." The deep feelings of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai." This life experience has philosophical rationality. The author even talked about three stories in his works, and made a strong testimony. For example, the article "Happiness of Happiness", the author first told us the story of his family before and after the Mid-Autumn Festival, especially the small three-year-old The granddaughter took out a piece of chocolate stuffed to the grandfather to eat the plot, so that the author has a specific feeling of happiness. He wrote: "The "Han Han Shu" once had the record of 'I am a singer, can't confess political affairs', and it is a pleasure to retired the old man from the ancient times." The charm, I have only deeply realized it now." Later, I wrote a share of moon cakes. The grandchildren who graduated from both universities have implemented the good news of the work, which makes the author feel the specific happiness: "The stone in my heart also has The fall of the two stones. I felt a little relaxed when I went to the two stones. 'It��s easy to live is happiness.' This is an old saying and a truth. Happiness is a real feeling built on specific things. This is the Mid-Autumn Festival this year. A real truth that I realized. "This kind of truth that is realized from everyday life, simple and real, is easily recognized and shared by the readers. Another example is the article "The Limits of Life", which tells the story of three wonderful characters from both ancient and modern China. The author has distilled his own philosophy: "All human life and the limits of life in nature will be broken and refreshed in constant challenges. Breaking through the old limits does not mean death. The new limits will arise in constant breakthroughs. Therefore, those who dare to challenge the limits of life for a lofty goal are respectable. They are promoting the continuous advancement of human society. The backbone." Reading such essays is both readable and conceivable. The wonderful story is always memorable. The readers have enriched their life, wisdom, beauty and poetry together with the author. In my impression, the prose should be beautiful, with beautiful language, beautiful structure, poetry, and poetic imagery. Yunlin's essays are fluent in language, pay attention to the use of rhetoric, and the structure is carefully designed to be pleasing to the eye and comfortable. The author of "Tian Hao, Paradise of Disappearance" wrote the richness of Tian Hao's richness in the rural areas before the agricultural cooperation of Yudong's hometown, and the joy of catching fish for children and adults. He also wrote about the joy of women's work. "At noon, the housewives of these Tianjia families will turn their baskets and tremble through the souvenir bridge to pick flowers and fruits for lunch. These young, half-aged women will be separated. Ditches are often home, jokes, and even flirtatious. This may be the happiest moment of their day, and their joyous laughter is like a rhythmless movement, swaying over the sky." The metaphor is very vivid. Sixty years later, "On the field of the year, there was a wide field in front of me. The ditches disappeared. The bamboo forest disappeared. The reeds disappeared. The thorn flowers and white wax strips disappeared. The happy birds Missing, the cute little hedgehog and the chicken weasel are gone... I suddenly felt that the old dream was broken, and the bursts of loss and rushing into my heart." A series of verses wrote the disappearance of the past Tianyuan scenery. But "Tian Hao is gone, but there are greenhouses, which are filled with watermelon and garlic. This is the new way for farmers to get rich!" The turning point of the scene here is very natural, giving people a sense of water. This is the skill of the American language, which accurately expresses the author's feelings and understandings before and after the disappearance of Tian Hao, as described by the author in "Holly Autumn Festival": "So people often call autumn autumn <a href="">Cigarettes Online</a>. You see that full tree Persimmon yellow in autumn, full of jujube red in autumn, full of grapes purple in autumn. That lotus lotus?... At this moment I look at the lotus leaf that is being ruined and the erect lotus, it seems to see underwater Numerous tubes of white lotus roots are squatting long and waiting for people to dig!" The vivid image and the beauty of the language are beautiful. The beauty of the language can be written, but the language is also certain. The limitation is that the inner voice of the individual cannot be fully expressed, that is, the poetry of the so-called poet. Confucius pointed out in "Zhou Yi?": "The book is not full of words, and the words are not satisfactory." The meaning is: the words described in the mouth or in the mouth can not fully express the meaning of the heart. But Chinese classical poets create images of poetry that break through the limitations of general language and express their own minds. The ancient essayists also got their enlightenment and used their creative image to convey their own mind or heart. From the time of his youth, Yunlin liked classical poetry, borrowed the means of creating images from ancient poetry, and applied it in the creation of prose to make the combination of beautiful and poetic. The image mentioned here is an artistic image created by the objective object through the unique emotional activity of the creative subject <a href="">Online Cigarettes</a>. It can be a psychological image, indicating the reappearance or recall of the past perceptually perceptual experience in the mind, only in perception. Based on the emotional image presented in the brain. For example, "Tian Hao, Paradise Lost" not only compares Tian Hao to a paradise, but also compares it to a dream. "That is a dream in the fields of Yudong, a dream weaved in a special period." The dream is psychological imagery. "Holly Autumn Rhyme" anthropomorphizes the "white lotus lotus", saying that it is "wearing a long body and waiting for people to dig it." It is also a kind of psychological image. It can be the subject in the objective world. Its certain symbolic meaning, thus creating a figurative image. Such as "The Statue", the statue symbolizes the author's mother, giving a firm, tall, loving and other meaning. Another example
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PostPosted: Thu May 16, 08:14:36    Post subject: Adv

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